What is Powerball Plus?

Powerball Plus is an additional game to Powerball that players might opt in to increase their chances of winning the jackpot. You get to play the Powerball Plus at half the price of Powerball. This game has high prizes, the highest yet being over 100 million Rands. Even so, the prizes to be won are slightly less than Powerball prizes.

When is Powerball Plus Played

This game is played every week on Tuesday and Friday with draws aired at 2100hrs South African time, alongside Powerball. Playing Powerball Pluss will set you back R 2.50 per board. Since you can only play PowerBall plus alongside Powerball, the cost of playing both games is R7.50. You do not need to choose different numbers for the Powerball Plus since the board you select for the Powerball game will be used in the Plus draw.

The ticket sale for Powerball Plus ends about 20 to 3o minutes before the start of the draw.

How do I Play PowerBall Plus?

Playing Powerball Plus is easy. There are two ways to play. These are online and in-store. 

To play online, you need to:

  • Create an online lottery account or log in to your existing account
  • Select Powerball option
  • Choose 5 numbers within the 1 to 50 range and 1 Powerball number within the 1 to 20 range. If you do not wish to select the numbers on your own, choose the QuickPick option.
  • Choose the Powerball Plus option
  • Select the number of draws you would like to enter
  • Finally checkout. Take a second look at your selection. If everything is as you want, pay for all the entries

To play in-store, you need to:

  • Go to a lottery store near you and fill in a bet slip
  • On top of your bet slip, mark, by ticking or crossing, the Powerball Plus box
  • Choose 5 numbers and 1 Powerball number. You can do this on many boards as you would like to enter
  • Mark the total number of draws you would like to play. If you only want to play 1 draw, then leave this section blank
  • Keep your ticket safe until the draw is called

You can also play Powerball Plus in bank apps. Banks such as ABSA offer Powerball and Powerball plus games.

What is the Difference Between PowerBall and PowerBall Plus?

There is no significant difference between Powerball and Powerball Plus. Powerball Plus gives a player another chance to win but follows the same rules as Powerball. The odds of winning the Powerball Plus are the same as those for winning Powerball. However, Powerball Plus Prizes are slightly lower than Powerball. A player has to pay an additional R2.50 when joining the Powerball Plus draw.

Odds and Prizes

Before playing the Powerball Plus game in South Africa, you need to understand the odds and prizes. 

For you to win the Powerball Plus jackpot, the numbers you choose must match all the winning numbers called out during the draw. If no player matches the number sets in a draw, the winning prize will be rolled over to the following draw. This will continue until a player wins.

There are other ways to win. This screenshot shows the different ways of winning the Powerball Plus game.

If you win, you must collect your prize within 365 days after the draw.

The Powerball Plus game in South Africa offers you another shot at winning. Even though the prizes to be won are not as high as the prizes to be won in the Powerball, winners still get to walk away with a tidy sum in prizes. It is simple to play. Use any of the above-mentioned methods to play.